Treasure Chest Pets review

Treasure Chest Pets are a new patented line of organizers with secret compartments that look like fun stuffed animals for girls and boys!
Each TC Pet features an attachable pillow head to snuggle up with, and they have specially designed bodies to keep treasure inside and out!

We received the puppy for our review and all I can say is that Abby LOVES her puppy. It's normally in her room but every day this puppy goes for a walk around the house!
I think these Treasure Chest Pets are a fantastic idea!

The puppy has a removable (very soft) pillow head with pockets in the ears. The body has a hidden drawer where we put all her hairbands and clips in. On the side of the body it has 2 pockets where we clipped on some hair-clips but Abby also loves to put her Littlest Pet shop animals in the ears and the body. It really is a treasure chest!
The dimensions of the puppy are length: 12" , width: 12" and depth: 12" (with the head attached)

The Treasure Chest Pet is for sale for $19.99 + shipping.

There are different styles available with different types of compartments. The Monkey opens up as a treasure chest and the Bear can store CD's and DVD's, speakers, cables,...
Treasure Chest was seen on Shark Tank. (oh man, I would be so nervous and Lisa looks so confident!)

"Disclaimer: I was sent a puppy for this review. These are solely my opinions and these might differ from others."
Thanks Lisa!

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

These look like a lot of fun!