Sensa update week 17

Already 17 weeks have gone by, it really is amazing how time flies! I had a bit of a rough week this week (I can sure do without all those hormones!). I'm really thankful for my friends on the Sensa forum to listen to my venting this week, it really helped. Normally I grab all I can to eat when I'm hormonal but not this week.
Ian's in New York and will be coming back later today so he missed the weigh-in. I'm curious if he sprinkled his food this week. I kept forgetting to ask him on the phone.

For all my friends and family in Belgium that have been asking about Sensa. Currently Sensa is not available in Europe but I'm sure with all the success it's having over here, it won't be that long. I'll keep you all updated!

For the first time yesterday one of my friends that I haven't seen since October saw me yesterday and didn't recognize me at first. [I also dyed my hair brown instead of blonde (will be a lot cheaper now that I can dye my hair myself at home)] She couldn't believe how much weight I've lost. Well, that really felt good, I can tell you that!

Here's my number for this week:

9/23: -2.5
9/30: -3.8
10/7: -1.7
10/14: - 3
10/21: -1
10/28: -0.6
11/4: +0.1
11/11: -2.2
11/18: -0.6
11/25: -2
12/2: -1.3
12/9: -1
12/16: +0.6
12/23: -1.5
12/30: -1
1/6: -1
1/13: -0.8
total Sensa weight loss: 23.3
total weight loss: 35.3

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