It's 2010!

Well, my husband's back at work. Lisa and Jamie are back at school, Abby's still sleeping and I'm trying to get through my emails (haven't been on the computer for the last couple of days), pay bills, clean up the house and take down the last Christmas decorations! I'll also be making a fresh mediterranean bread with my new bread machine my hubby got me for Christmas (this was a complete surprise and I LOVE it).
I can not believe it's already 2010! My countdown to June/July has started! We will be going home to England and Belgium this Summer after 2 years. I am super excited!!!! Can't wait to see my parents, brothers and sister and Ian's family in England!

Well off I go, Happy New Year to everybody and check back tonight for more reviews/giveaways!

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Anonymous said...

A happy new year to you too. There's always lots to do at this time of year, Christmas seems to have gone on for ages.

CJ xx