Littlest Pet Shop Friends (Wii) review

We were so blessed to have received a copy of the Littlest Pet Shop Friends for the Wii.
My kids LOVE to play with Littlest Pet Shop, both my girls and my son. So I couldn't believe when we were given the opportunity to review a Wii copy! I hadn't told my kids so when the box arrived they were over the moon!

About Littlest Pet Shop Friends:
Grab your friends, grab your pets-it's time to party! The 2nd edition of The Littlest Pet Shop video game brings the party to you with a new cast of quirky pets and their best friends. Play tons of new mini-games and explore new towns with your favorite pets. With enhanced multiplayer features, you can even double your fun by playing with your best friend! Venture on quests, deliver invitations, serve up ice-cream and style your pets as you get ready for the biggest LITTLEST PET SHOP party of the year. And be prepared for a few surprises along the way, like an all-new mystery pet that just might show up at your party!

Here are some screen shots of the games my kids loved:
Meow Melodies: Make music and record songs with your pets! Select record song by using your Wii remote and begin. You can switch singers and when you move over your pet you hear something special. When you are done recording select play song using your remote and pressing A to hear your song.

Crazy Cones: We all scream for ice cream! Create the ice cream cone that matches what the pet is requesting. Us the +control pad to move the the cone under the falling scoops. When you have created the right ice cream cone, send it back to the hungry pet. This game is my son's favorite!

Busy Bakers: Order up! Fill your pets' orders using the different bone shaped cakes, fillings, and toppings. Use your Wii remote to highlight an item and then use the A button to select it. To place an item, press the A button again.
Lisa loves this game!

These are only a few of the games, there's plenty more like Kibble Cups (Lisa's very good in this game), Bath Time, Strike A Pose, Light Flight and plenty more! Not only do my 2 older kids love this, my 2-year old loved some of the games, she can't play all of them but she doesn't care!
If you're still looking for a present for your kids for Christmas, I can highly recommend this game, it's hours of fun!
The Littlest Pet Shop game is rated E for everyone and can be bought at the EA store for $39.95. This game is also available for the Nintendo DS.

Thank you EA and Rocket XL.
"Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of The Littlest Pet Shop Friends for the Wii to use for my review. These are my opinions only, I did not receive any other form of compensation to write this review"

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