JumpStart Pet Rescue for Wii: review

Jamie has been a fan of JumpStart (online) for a while now but the computer the kids play on is very slow and needs to be looked at, as JumpStart now takes more than 5 minutes to load, the record time was 15 I think.
We couldn't have been happier when we were sent the JumpStart Pet Recue for the Wii by Knowledge Adventure to review. Jamie now finally got to play at it's fullest.
Well, disaster struck again, when JumpStart was in the Wii Console, the Console crashed and it damaged the CD.
The console was sent away and fixed and Jamie can still play the game up to the point where he can play on the pet stage. That's where the disc is damaged. So all in all still super fun, my kids play all the games on the disc except for the pet stage.

About JumpStart Pet Rescue:

Join the JumpStart friends on an adventure designed for little hands and big imaginations! The first learning game for preschoolers ever offered on the Wii™, JumpStart Pet Rescue is packed with over 80 fun-filled lessons and activities designed for 3-6 year olds. As players explore a jungle, beach, neighborhood, town and pet land on a mission to rescue lost pets, they practice over 75 essential skills including pre-reading, memory, listening and more.

Along the way, kids can earn special virtual rewards, adopt and care for cuddly pets and design the perfect avatar. And, the JumpStart characters are on hand to guide kids every step of the way so that even the youngest players can finally enjoy the excitement of Wii™ gaming.

Key Features

* A wildly imaginative and rewarding immersive 3D learning environment that offers hours of exploration and adventure.

* Seamlessly integrated learning games that allow children to earn virtual rewards while mastering skills.

* The ability to rescue and care for virtual pets. Children can feed, groom, play with and train their pets to do tricks using the motion sensors of the Wii Remote™.

* The chance for players to express themselves while selecting the perfect avatar outfit, hair, features and more!

Some of the games include balloon sorting, bug catcher, critter creator, monkey drop, treasure chest and plenty more!
Each child has their own house in the neighborhood where you can change your roof, windows, doors and more. You can visit the library to read storybooks. There are billboards all around JumpStart Pet Rescue where you can uncover the hidden art. At the Pet Diner you get to feed your pet. Just point at the diner and press A to go inside.

The map lets you visit the worlds in JumpStart Pet Rescue once you have unlocked them. As you complete all the missions in a world, a new world will unlock on the map. In Explore Mode, you can visit all the worlds.
The different Worlds:
* My Neighborhood
* Petland
* JumpStart Town Square
* The Beach
* The Jungle

You can find JumpStart Pet Rescue at major retailers nationwide. The price (depending on the retailer) is around $29.99.

"Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of JumpStart Pet Rescue for this review. These are only my opinions and they might differ from others. I was not compensated in any other way for this review"


Snugs Boutique said...

That's so neat, wish I had a wii!

Snugs Boutique said...

That's so neat, wish I had a wii!

Lynette said...

Fun game! That huge slide looks super cool!