Ever heard of Spread Heads?

The next review is a fun one when you have kids (and actually might be fun without kids too).
I want to talk some more about Spread Heads.

Spread Heads are funny heads you can screw on ketchup, mustard bottles, toothpaste tubes.

We were sent Ketchup Charlie, Mustard Marvin, toothpaste Pete and toothpaste Oscar to test.
Ketchup CharlieMustard MarvinToothpaste PeteToothpaste Oscar
I can not begin to tell you how much my kids loved Charlie and Marvin. Even Abby now loves to dip her hotdog in some mustard followed by ketchup (as the mustard is too spicy).
You can't take these heads seriously, you need to see the fun in them!

Jamie loves his Pete on his toothpaste. Anything to make him brush his teeth better I applaud!
Lisa chose Oscar but her toothpaste tube doesn't fit Oscar so we will buy her one that does fit as she loves Oscar. She says it reminds her of our cat Simba!
Both Oscar and Pete have a paw that will seal the toothpaste so it doesn't dry out.

The only negative thing I can say is that Ketchup Charlie and Mustard Marvin need a regular wash as I don't want the ketchup and mustard to dry up on the bottle but all-in-all, we love them all!

If this review intrigues you enough and you want to find out some more, please check out thespreadheads.com, spread head blog, or follow them on twitter, facebook, my space.
If you're still not sure how they work, please check out the you tube clips.

Thanks Spread Heads for the funny heads, we LOVE them!


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Ellen said...

Those are so cute!

Amanda said...

awesome idea