Team Mom breaks out the Lab coats: Magnificent Manicure Kit

What a better way to spend a very rainy morning than doing a science experiment with your kids?
Well, with Lisa that is, Abby was just stirring in a little pot of water. No school today so plenty of time to have some fun!

Team Mom sent us the Magnificent Manicure Kit from Elmer's to test out.
Scientific Explorer partnered with UC Berkeley's Great Exploration in Math and Science (GEMS) program to create fun educational science kits like the Magnificent Manicure Kit.
With this kit, kids can learn about cosmetic chemistry while enjoying a magnificent manicure. They can create their own custom-scented lotion, make crystal mud, buff and shine their nails and much more.

Activity #1: Time to get your hands dirty
Lisa started off with making her luxurious, moisturizing soak. Here she learned about crystals and how they soak up water, and when you add bath salt they turn fluid again. She needed to put her hands in the soft crystals to make her hands all soft and smooth.

Activity #2: Soften up
Second step was to make her own lotion by adding coloring and fragrance to a lotion base. She named her lotion: Nature's cream.
I have to say, this lotion really made her hands soft and they smell delicious!
This is the part where Abby wanted to join so we gave her some water to stir, while Lisa was stirring her lotion. (ignore the grin, Abby was saying cheese but not really looking into the camera)

Activity #3: Make it Shine
In this next step Lisa buffed up her nails using the buffing block with 4 sides, from coarsest to finest texture. After using all the sides her nails were really soft and smooth and naturally shiny.

After this step we added nail varnish and voila, the manicure was done!

The booklet has fun facts in it where kids can learn things, and all activity's have questions the kids can answer to make them think about the process.

There's also an activity#4, 5 and 6, where you start all over but then for a pedicure, but Lisa doesn't really like pedicures so she skipped that part.

What Lisa really liked about this kit: being able to see what cool things the crystals did when adding water and salt.
There's nothing that Lisa didn't like except for the feet part but that's cause Lisa doesn't like pedicures, has nothing to do with the kit.

The Magnificent Manicure Kit just picked up the Creative Child Magazine's 2009 Toy of the Year Award in the Educational Toys category.
The kit is available nationwide at Toys "R" Us and for $19.99 (age range 8+)
Available now.

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