Shandle review

What is a Shandle you ask?

Well, it's actually a very simple but very effective product. The Shandle is the most effective hand washing reminder that helps kids create a healthy hand washing habit. You just peel and stick the Shandle at the bottom of the toilet seat for easy installation (for best results you need to wait 24 hours before use). The Shandle has characters with hand washing reminder messages printed on both sides that are always visible. The Shandle is strong enough to hold the weight of both the seat and the lid when lifting but removes easily with soap and water. The Shandle should be replaced every 6 months but at $6.99 that's a no-brainer.

We had the opportunity to review 2 Shandles from the Zooland collection.

We selected the "Monkey Loves Her Bananas" and the "Frog Bear Is Running Late".

When the Shandles arrived the kids were still in school so I attached the Shandles (super-easy) both upstairs and downstairs and then didn't tell the kids a thing.

So as soon as Jamie needed to use the bathroom, all I heard was "mom, what is this on the seat?". So I told Jamie, well, read it, what does it say? And then he got it.
Lisa has no problems with washing her hands but Jamie (as most boys I guess) has more problems "remembering" to wash his hands so for him I think this Frog Bear is a success.

For a limited time only they have some really fun Halloween designs, here are some examples.

"Disclaimer: I was sent 2 Shandles for my review. All opinions in this review are mine and might be different from other people's opinions"

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