Today we had an appointment to get Lisa's hair cut. Lisa swims 4 to 5 times a week and it's had an effect on her hair. Her hair is frizzy and because she puts it in a pony tail a lot she also has a lot of breaks in her hair so today was the day to get it cut off.
I loved how Ashley's hair was (see 5 vinez monkeys) so I took her picture in with us in the hairdresser.

Lisa has very thick, wavy hair so this haircut wouldn't work for her, but she got lots cut off.
Below are the before and after pictures. The last one, Lisa had to laugh cause Abby's tickling her.

What do you think?
Any swimmers out there? Any tips on taking care of hair when you're a swimmer?


Erika said...

What a cute cut! This is the shampoo that has been recommended to me for swimming, it works great!

Rae said...

Love it! She looks great with the new cut!

Leane said...

Some tips: Before she goes into the water put some conditioner in your hand and scrunch it into the ends of her hair. The water(&chlorine) are absorbed through hair ends, like a wick of an oil candle, and that is why the ends take the most damage. The very best solution is to do this and also wear a swim cap. I was on a swim team all through school. No matter how short you cut her hair it will continue to be seriously damaged unless you close the hair shaft with conditioner or cover the hair with a cap. If you put conditioner on her ends & then put it up into a swim cap, her body heat will actually help the conditioner absorb * it will act like a conditioning treatment--all while she swims. A product I LOVE is BioSilk Hair Silk oil. It has saved my hair and now I have hair down to the small of my back and it hardly gets damaged when I use BioSilk. The silk oil is more expensive than conditioner, but it is not as gooey or heavy and it absorbs into hair and doesn't weigh it down as bad. Good luck....if you really teach her to care for her hair it will be a priceless lesson for the rest of her life. I am adamant about it because I had to learn the hard way when I was a swimmer.

Leane said...

Sorry my comment is so soooo long. I actually posted on my blog about this because I think there may be more people(and parents) that have this problem, and I thought you presented a great question....and I thought I had a decent answer....ok, so here is the link to my post:

*I linked to you and your blog, but if you would rather, I can take out the link and take out your name.....let me know if you have a preference....I didn't want to post your name without letting you know.*

Best wishes!
Leane @MyBloggyMind

GroverFamily said...

i love the cut! i have curly hair and i have to leave my conditioner in for five or minutes up in a bun while i really helps with dry hair