Sensa update week 2

It's Wednesday so Ian and myself went on the scale and we've had good results again.
This week was an easier week for me than last week. I definitely feel a big decrease in appetite and cravings. Sensa tells you to sprinkle on your food and then stop eating when you feel hungry, so that's what I've been focussing on this week. Also I'm drinking lots and lots of water which has been a challenge in the past!
I feel a lot better with the weight coming off and have more energy.
I went down 1 size in my pants so I'm super excited!

Here's our measurements for this week:

9/23: -2.5
9/30: -3.8

total Sensa weight loss: 6.3
total weight loss: 18.3

9/23: -4.2
9/30: -1

total Sensa weight loss: 5.2
total weight loss: 10.8

I know I was skeptical when I started but this Sensa works and if you check out the forums, I'm not the only one who's losing weight. There's a lot of people using Sensa who are supporting each other on the forum and I'm glad I can ask my questions and read all of the other people's comments. A great group of Sensa friends!
Well, see you next week for another update.

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