Eating right kids (review)

We're in the second week of school and finally we're all getting in some kind of routine. Last week the kids had hot lunch in school, that was just easier for myself and my kids do love their lunches.

For me on the other hand I think not all options that are given are the healthiest out there, so I was very happy to be contacted by Team Mom to try out the new Eating Right Kids line.

What is Eating Right Kids?
Safeway and Warner Bros. Looney Tunes have teamed up to create Eating Right Kids to bring you meals, snacks, cereals and drinks your kids will love and you as a parent can feel good about. Eating Right Kids is a full line of food that is not only tasty, but better for children. It has been formulated to standards based on the most dietary recommendations and regulations from several federal and state agencies.
Team Mom sent us a fun Eating Right Kids lunch bag filled with the following:

* a 10 oz 100% apple juice
* a snack bowl of mixed fruit
* a whole wheat Macaroni & Beef with Tomato sauce microwaveable meal
and last but not least
* a mixed berry chewy bar with milk chocolate coating

Lisa and Jamie split the chewy bar and loved it and Abby gulped the apple juice down. Abby is probably the apple juice's #1 fan!
The kids all tried the pasta and loved it and I'm sure we'll get it once in a while for them to eat at home (it's nutritious, fun and the kids loved the taste), but I can't see how they can take it to school to eat as they don't have a microwave in school.

We all love the Eating Right Kids line and I already went to Safeway to get more items of that line. We bought more of the chewy bars with strawberry, more apple juice and we also bought the apple fruit & grain cereal bars to try out and they are a success too!
I went on the Safeway site to check out what else they have in the line and there's lots more I want to try. Have a look at the site to check out the full line.
The product line features more than 60 items including breakfast foods, produce, portable meals, dairy, snacks, beverages and frozen entrees.

The Eating Right Kids is an offshoot of Safeway's Eating Right line for adults.
Of course I had to go and check that out too, so I bought myself the 100 calories cranberry & citrus chewy bars with yoghurt coating and I'm loving them for a snack for myself.
I'm on a diet and have cravings and at least with eating one of these I don't feel guilty and they are very tasty.

Head on over to Safeway and try the new Eating Right KidsTM line, you'll not be disappointed.

(This post is part of a promotion by Team Mom, Safeway, and Warner Bros. Consumer Products who supplied a sample to review)

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Hey have you read Disease Proof Your Kids?

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I think you would like it.
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