Great Wolf Lodge

We (together with our friends and their 2 kids) went to Great Wolf Lodge last week for 3 days and it was absolutely amazing!
It's a lot of money but so worth it and we're definitely going back next year!
We had booked a Wolf Den room, which means the kids had a room with 2 bunk beds and a tv, all decorated as a Wolf Den. The room was big and a lot of fun for both parents and kids.
When we arrived on Wednesday our room wasn't ready (which we knew ahead of time as you can only check into your room at 4) so we went into the waterpark and had a blast! There's something for everybody to enjoy. Abby went in the toddler pool and went down the slide like a 100 times (I stopped counting).
Lisa and Jamie went in the big slides and wave pool for a couple of hours with their friends.
They have this huge slide called the howling tornado and OMG, I screamed the whole way down. I'm not kidding, you sit in this huge inflatable thing, you get pushed down the tunnel and after a while it makes a (near vertical) drop into this huge other tunnel. And then once you're done going back and forth, it goes down another tunnel till you come out at the other end of the tunnel. I went in it 3 times and hurt my neck on the second go (although that didn't stop me from going again). I think the hardest part is going up all those stairs to get to the slide (yep, that's how good my physique is).
Look at the picture below (yellow), that's how huge part of the tunnel is. It's insane but oh so much fun!

I was super impressed with the lifeguards! I've never seen lifeguards check out all the pools as I have over there. They saw everything, checked everything, they were just super lifeguards!

After checking out the rooms, I took Abby down to storytime where for about 10 minutes you can listen to this story being told by an owl, trees, a moose, was a lot of fun!

The other kids went on a MagiQuest game. The kids had wands they could use around the hotel (you have to buy the wands & the game but they are very magical and cool) to solve magical challenges to gain powers and move on to higher levels of the game. I have to say whoever came up with this game is a genius, very, very clever game!

There's plenty more things to do at Great Wolf Lodge, like an arcade, tween disco room, a cub club for smaller kids, etc. but we just went for the water and the MagiQuest and had a blast!

We had an unfortunate event happen to us that added 10 years to my life but I will talk to you about it tomorrow as there's a giveaway linked to it for 2 of my readers!

See you tomorrow!


Kelly's Ideas said...

sounds like an incredible time!


Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

i have heard great things about this place!