Plasmacar: fantastic toy for young and old

If you're looking for a toy that's suitable for young and old, look no further! The Plasmacar is the toy you've been looking for.
This toy is a guarantee for hours of fun. It has a weight limit of 220 lbs on a smooth, flat surface and 120 lbs on a rough, flat surface.
The Plasmacar comes in 6 bright colors to choose from: red, blue, yellow, pink, green and the one that we were send, the purple.

The car works by turning the wheel, this will then in turn move the Plasmacar forward. No batteries or liquid fuel are required to operate this Plasmacar, just your own muscles!
The car has been extensively tested and meets or exceeds all international safety standards including the following:
  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F936:96a
  • European Toy Safety Standard
    • EN71 Part 1: 1998 - Mechanical and physical properties
    • EN71 Part 2: 1993 - Flammability
    • EN71 Part 3: 1994 / A1:200 - Specification for migration of certain Elements

We were send the purple Plasmacar (purple is Lisa's favorite color). Lisa and Jamie fly around on this thing and love it! For Abby, it's still a little too big as she hasn't figured out how to turn the wheel to move the car forward. She just uses her legs which is perfectly fine too!
Now the 2 sisters together on the Plasmacar, that's a huge hit!

No wonder the Plasmacar has won so many awards
over the last couple of years!
Thanks Plasmacar for lots of hours of endless fun!

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Dave King said...

Yup, great fun. I could think of much to do with one of those!