Just relaxing

When you read this post, I'm at the beach sipping some cocktails and wine, playing games, reading my book and just relaxing with some other moms from school.
No husbands, no kids,....it's going to be weird (as this will be my first weekend away from them), but after the week I've had, I can use a couple of days.
The kids are looking forward to spending some time with just dad as he's leaving for the Netherlands again on Sunday.
By then I'm ready again, fully charged and ready to rumble!

Talk to you next week. Oh and did I tell you I will be fully charged and going full steam ahead with some great reviews and giveaways.
Have a relaxing weekend!

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philly5113 said...

THIS IS WONDERFUL! It is good to get some R & R and we dont seem to do it that often but yeah you will be rearing to go when you get back. Looking forward to checking out the reviews. Good luck