I'm still here...

So many things to do, so little time! 
I'm working on a sign for our new Swim Team: Cascadia Swimming, it will look great but it's a challenge and I'm not giving in. While I'm writing this, the paint is drying and then I can go to step 2. 
That's some info I wanted to share with anybody in the Portland/West Linn/Lake Oswego area who's looking for swimming lessons or a Swim Team for your kids, go check out...

Swim For Fun: swimming lesson program
Cascadia Swimming: Swim Team
Head Coach/owner: Kim Hay

I need to write some reviews that have been waiting in the pipeline but with the kids out of school I seem to have less time, I need to find a routine here.

Tomorrow we have a 3 graduations in 1 party so hopefully I can write my review in the morning. Otherwise they need to wait till Monday.

Well, off to step 2 on the Cascadia Swimming sign. 
Talk to you later!

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