I'm having some bad luck lately

I haven't been keeping up with my blogging in the last 5 days. You wanne know why? I've had some bad luck today and wasn't feeling very inspired to write reviews.
* bad luck #1:

It all started last Wednesday when in our basement at the bottom of the stairs, our carpet was wet. First thing I did was blame the cat (poor Simba),but unless he has a bladder the size of an elephants we found him to be innocent!  After dapping it up (I needed to go to the store to get some carpet cleaning spray), it was still there so we assumed it wasn't the cat but one of the kids who spilled a drink. Fast forward to the evening, carpet seems to be getting wetter so when Ian came home I wanted to pull back the carpet and see what was going on,........there was a big giant puddle of water under our carpet!

Our water heater had been leaking, so at 10 at night we had a emergency plumber come by and drain the 66 gallon water heater and an appointment was made to get a new water heater put in the next day. He told us we had been lucky as this water heater could have burst any moment (the old thing was 22 years old)  which meant we could have had a small swimming pool down in our basement!
So we've been drying out our basement with the heating on, we used a wet/dry vacuum on the carpet, a fan aimed to the carpet and a de-humidifier and ... it's finally dry.

* bad luck #2:

Fast forward to Sunday, Father's Day. We had a group of people come over and celebrate Father's Day with us. The men could relax and do nothing, just talk, play with the kids, while the women were cooking, BBQ'ing, etc...
It was a lot of fun until..... I came in with a platter of pork chops from the BBQ and hit my pinky toe on the corner of one of my cupboard's doors. Lots of blood as I apparently cut the top of my little toe, put a band aid on and thought that was it.
Well, not exactly, the little thing is broken! Nothing you can do about it really, except don't try and put shoes on, not a good idea. Do you know all in all it might even turn out to be good as my little toe wasn't straight to begin with, maybe this will correct it.
So here I am, luckily my fingers aren't broken, otherwise I would have had a bad time writing this.
I promise I'll snap out of this dark cloud and start my reviews and giveaways again as I've got loads to write about.

On a fun note by the way, I started swimming lessons with Abby. 3 moms and their cute little babies in the water, it's so much fun!
Lisa and Jamie are sitting on the bleachers watching us and Abby loves to shout from the water: "Lisa, Jamie look, Abby swim". It's adorable!


Anonymous said...

I'm happy that there is no major injury happened to you
take good care always...

- alvondv

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Gosh, I know how you feel. Our Father's Day get together was ruined, the main sewer line backed up and we had a flood and they had to come and tear out the flooring and now I have four giant fans still blowing in order to dry out the walls and foundation.

Something's in the air!

Halifax said...

Awww, I'm sorry that some incidents happened. Have a latte, and relax :-) Take care

Anonymous said...

Yall were really lucky with the water heater burst. That happened to us. It was seriously a nightmare.

Staci said...

Yikes! I hope things get better quick (especially your poor toe)!

Andrea said...

Oh no!!! What a week, huh? I sure hope that pinky heals up fast!

Herrad said...

Hi Ann,

Came by to say hello.

Hope your luck gets better soon.


Georgie K. Buttons said...

I've had #1 happen before. Not fun.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.