Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth: review and coupons

A couple of weeks ago Dove send me a complimentary sample of the Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth Anti-perspirant/deodorant and I wanted to really use it before I wrote this review. 

What Dove promises:
With regular use, the Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth deodorant minimizes the visual appearance of hair over time. It conditions your underarm skin and hair, softens the underarm stubble and over time it helps underarm hair look & feel less noticeable.

The Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth Anti-perspirant/deodorant comes in 2 fragrances: Nature Fresh and Wild Rose.

I was send the Wild Rose and I love the scent, it's not over-powering at all, very subtle.
I've used this deodorant for 2 weeks now and I love the fact of no more stubbles after shaving.
Yes, you heard me right, I have no more stubbles, my underarm skin is soft and smooth and even when I do get tiny hairs and it's time to shave again, the little hairs are way softer than before and much easier to shave!

The Wild Rose Deodorant also comes in Clinical strength, offering prescription strength wetness protection.

I love contests so I couldn't help but let you know Dove has contests going on on Facebook.(check under promotions tab)
Each week fans can enter to win prizes such as a luxurious spa robe or the elegant stainless steel & Lucite Dove razor. The page also features lots of beauty talk with weekly insights from experts on beauty, travel fitness and other fun topics.

Dove also send me complimentary coupons to share with my loyal readers. I have 20 booklets to give away (I actually received 25 but I've given 5 away to my friends already). Each coupon booklet has 2 coupons for $2 off in it.
Dove really delivered on their promise of smoother underarms for longer and less stubbles! Well, no stubbles in my case!

If you would like to receive a booklet, please send me an email with Dove Sample in the subject box and let me know your mailing address and I will send you the booklet ASAP.
The first 20 people to send me an email will get send the booklet. 
my email: ann dot guns at mac dot com
(All mailing addresses send to me will only be used for me to send the booklets to you. It will not be forwarded to any other party!)


Laura Trevey said...

I heart DOVE...

Chris said...

Thank you for this review! I have used Dove for years and love it but haven't tried this one. I will now after reading your blog!