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Thanks for entering this giveaway. I'm still using my perfume and am loving it so Congratulations to our 2 winners:
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The winners are Spamgirl and Misusedinnocence, I've send you both an email to confirm. Please get back to me within 48 hours.

Ageless Fantasy®: the first anti-age perfume for women.

Harvey Prince & Co. has created a new fragrance called AGELESS™. The fragrance, proven to help women defy their age by 8 – 12 years, is rapidly becoming a favorite among thousands of women worldwide.
As we age, both men and women produce a body chemical know as “noneal,” which occurs as a result of breakdown of fatty acids in the skin and causes the aging body odor. The essence of AGELESS perfume is to counter this natural aging odor.
The all-natural AGELESS anti-aging fragrance is a proprietary combination of aromatic essences that include pink grapefruit, mango, pineapple, leafy greens, anti-oxidant rich pomegranate, jasmine and musk. Also containing oils of Lily of the Valley and peony, the formula is based on natural bio-chemistry.

The Ageless Fantasy Perfume was engineered to make you smell younger. No other product available today offers this technology. Research proves that men around women who used the perfume thought they were on an average 8 years younger! 

I can hear you say...WHAT??....

I initially couldn't believe that people have actually done research to come up with a perfume that will make you smell younger to other people. But here it is. And when you check out the website you can see how serious they've taken this research! This is not some little test they've done, this is serious business.

Some facts:
* Ageless Fantasy is 100% allergy tested, and safe to use on all skin types
* it is not tested on animals. They are member of PETA (an international organization dedicated to protecting the rights of all animals)
* the perfume has no added carcinogen & preservatives. Their products have been designed to be environment friendly and absolutely safe for application on your skin. Harvey Prince & Co always wanted to make the fragrance "clean" - meaning free of any chemicals. Without parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, glycol, mineral oil, silicons, and harmful colors. They are now working with natural beet extract to add the pink hue to our perfume.

Personally, I love the scent. 
I love the combination of the pink grapefruit and pomegranate with the sweetness of jasmine, mango, and soft musk. It's fresh, crisp, I love it.
Just knowing that they've done all this research on this wonderful scent makes me feel younger!

I can't really tell you if men think I'm 8 years younger. My husband loves the scent of the perfume and that's good enough for me.

Ageless, also and perhaps more aptly called Ageless Fantasy, retails for about $120 for a 3.4 ounce bottle. It's available in Portland at The Perfume House and Dolce Vita Pearl.

Ageless Fantasy has very generously offered 2 of my readers a 3.4 ounce bottle of this delicious perfume! 
You are going to love it!
Head on over to HarveyPrince or ring the toll free number 877 812-4151 to find out which retailer in your area sells this perfume. (this is required to be eligible for additional entries)

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The deadline for this giveaway is 5/21/09 midnight PST. The 2 winners will be emailed and announced on this post on the 22nd. Good luck to all.
(giveaway open to US and Canada)

Thanks Kumar and Megan!


Dina said...

There are no stores in my area.

Dina said...

Faved in Technorati (aitmama).

Dina said...

Got your button

Tj and Amy said...

the closest retiler is the brickhouse retreat and salon.

Tj and Amy said...

I have your button.

Tj and Amy said...

i follow on twitter and tweeted.

cdziuba said...

The closest store: Address :1 Atlantic Ocean, Suite 2204 Atlantic City,
New Jersey, United States
Zip Code :08401
Phone : (609) 348-6249

cdziuba said...

I follow on Twitter (cdziuba) and tweeted:

cdziuba said...


cdziuba said...

Technorati fave blog cdziuba

DEBIJOT said...

There are no stores near me.

Patricia said...

I love Ageless Fantasy. Simply great!

Mrs Nelson said...

Got my nearest store!
Address :309 South Galena Street Aspen,
Colorado, United States
Zip Code :81611

Thanks you!

Huguette E. said...

1100 Main Street Moncton is the store closest to me.

Huguette E. said...
Following: henglish

Spamgirl said...


No retailers sell this item in my area.

Thank you!

Spamgirl said...


I'm a follower on Twitter and I tweeted:

Thank you!

Spamgirl said...


I added your button to my site -

Thank you!

Misusedinnocence said...

COS bar of Edina! :)

A Family Completed... said...

The closest store on my area is Cos Bar in Carmel... not so close!
Thanks for the entry
Tonyamcrain [at]

A Family Completed... said...

Tech Fave

Halifax said...

Good to know there are a few places that has the product. The closest would be 7067 Chebucto Road Halifax, Nova Scotia


Halifax said...

I followed and tweeted


blogginggal said...

They sell it at Fairview Park Mall.

juau4 said...

I LOVE Lily of the Valley and Peony. Who knew you could actually smell old! Eeeooo! I don't see stores selling Ageless Fantasy in my area, I'll have to order online.

judy7885 at gmail dot com

juau4 said...

I subscribed!

Janis Davis said...

This is the store very near to me -
Macy's Ledgewood
461 Route 10 East
Ledgewood, NJ 07852

Hope to win!

carolyn said...

I live in NC and it told me there are no stores carring the product in NC. Thanks for the giveaway.

carolyn said...

I subscribe

carolyn said...

I follow

micaela6955/Michele P. said...

This is definitely different...and heck, if it makes me smell younger that'd make me happy! The closest store to me is actually Jeunesse Spa in NYC, about 10 hrs away. Not too bad a distance for the fountain of youth!

micaela6955 at msn dot com

GabbyLowe said...

Atlantic Ocean, Suite 2204 Atlantic City,
New Jersey, United States
Zip Code :08401

This one is about half an hour from me. And I always look for an excuse to hit the casinos.

Ruth said...

My store @ US is -
Macy's Ledgewood
461 Route 10 East
Ledgewood, New Jersey


Spamgirl said...


I faved you on Technorati - Spamgirl. Thank you!

Tammi said...

There is no retailer anywhere near me, yet I could buy it off


Anonymous said...

There are no stores near me (New York doesn't qualify as near!) so I'd have to buy it off the Internet.
yeloechikee at hotmail dot com

wendy said...

Whites East Hampton
Address :81 Main Street
New York, United States
Zip Code :11937
Phone : (877) 270-0434

Not exactly close but doable if need be!

madamerkf at aol dot com