yipeeee, it's weekend!

I'm so glad it's weekend, it's going to be a nice and warmer weekend and maybe 75 on Monday, I can't wait. I've seen enough rain and am done with the cold.
Tomorrow is Lisa's birthday party, we're celebrating it at the cinema, we're going to watch Race to Witch mountain with a bunch of girls and Jamie! Sunday is going to be nice so I think we're going to plants herbs and tomatoes and other veggies with the kids, and maybe some more flowers in the front garden. In between all of this I'm excited to write some new posts...
a couple more giveaways to come!!!
Have a great weekend you all!


Carolee Hollenback said...

I lived in Portland, Oregon for a short while back in the 90's- sure miss the weather (and the beauty). It snowed here yesterday!

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Anonymous said...

I love your blogs i find them amazing almost like my life except i'm only 12 years old and i have 3 brothers and sisters and of course my mom and dad. i really want to get a blog but i'm not quite sure i could write a good blog the way you can.