New blog design

I'm sure you've noticed my new design?
I absolutely love it!!! I had been thinking of re-designing my blog for a while but am not clever enough myself to start messing around with the HTML code....and am not afraid to admit it either.

Last week, I won a giveaway on Buy by mom and the timing couldn't have been better, now I could get a new look for my blog.
I wasn't sure where to start but Angela made it so easy, I had to give her some color options, if I liked 2 or 3 columns, floral, stripes,... I had a look around for some blogs where I liked certain designs, color combinations and send them to her. The next day she had a design ready!
Anything I asked Angela made for me! The service was excellent, she's my support desk, if I have a question she has the answer!

I'm not sure how she does it all, she has 4 blogs she manages, 5 kids at home of which 2 get homeschooled! These kids are all adorable and the oldest, Ashley, is 11 and the same age as my Lisa. I just love her blog 5 vinez monkeys! 
I could definitely use some of her energy!

Thanks Angela for all your support and your great design!!!


Suzi Homemaker said...

New design looks great, Ann! I was hoping I would have won the giveaway, but don't feel so badly knowing you won ;-)! Enjoy your new blog!

A. B. England said...

Great new look! Congratulations on winning the contest. Looks like a great prize.

Angie Vinez said...

I had so much fun working on your design. Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for being such a great client!

Jess said...

It looks awesome!! Love it!

Sandier Pastures said...

I like the warm colors of this blog design! Congratulations on the win!

JulieChats said...

I love your new look! :)