BuckleyBoo review & discount

BuckleyBoo is company co-created by a child psychologist and grandma who recognized how much children love to play with buckles. The BuckleyBoo has five buckles attached with bright patterned ribbons so that your child can practice his/her buckling skills.
There are 4 BuckleyBoos: the BuckleyBear, BuckleyDog, BuckleyCat and recently added, the BuckleyBunny. They come in 2 sizes: 12" and 17".

The BuckleyBoo website explains the stages of cognitive development in relation to the BuckleyBoo and how your child will benefit from the BuckleyBoo from 15 months of age to 4 years old.

Stage 1: Matching
Children first learn to scan and match the 5 brightly patterned ribbons- polka dot to polka dot, stripe to stripe.
Stage 2: Buckling
At eighteen months, children are ready to buckle, but they cannot yet unbuckle, which makes BuckleyBoo, for a time, a toy to be shared between parent and child. At this stage, the child will likely leave all the other buckles in their environment alone; now they have 5 of their own buckles with which to play.
Stage 3: Unbuckling
At three years, children have both the physical strength and the problem solving skills to buckle and unbuckle and they will happily do for hours on end. Children will also begin to integrate their lovable pal into their world of imaginative play.

The BuckleyBoo will provide your child endless enjoyment while developing his or her hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills, and spatial awareness.

We got the purple BuckleyBunny to try out as Abby just loves bunnies! The BuckleyBunny is very soft, very cute and Abby absolutely loves it! It has a chime in it that makes the softest sound when it gets shaken. Abby is at the stage where she can buckle but she can't unbuckle yet.
She'll let me know when she wants to play with her bunny telling, "kik, kik, kik" while handing over the bunny to unbuckle the buckles so she buckle them up again while we both say "click, click, click".
Abby sleeps with her 2 pink bunnies and wanted to add this bunny too, but we had to take this one out as she keeps playing with it instead of sleeping!
This toy is a lot of fun and I would highly recommend it. Mind you, you need to be ready to unbuckle for a long time when you're in stage 2!

Buy them: The BuckleyBoos are for sale for $29.99 (17") and $19.99 (12").
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Seeryus Mama said...

I think BuckleyBoo is brilliant! And, they are pretty darn cute!

Anonymous said...

what a great way to develop important skills...and what adorable fun....happy g'mo

Anonymous said...

what a great way to develop important skills...and what adorable fun

CanCan (MomMostTraveled) said...

I have a niece named Buckley! This is too weird!