Yokomono review

I recently had the opportunity to review the polopolo large tissue box cover in Yellow Mustard from Yokomono.
I know Kleenex and other tissue companies are trying their best to make good-looking tissue boxes so the box doesn't look awful and you have to hide it, BUT nothing they make compares to what Yokomono makes!!
The polopolo box cover just really fits in with our furniture and color on the wall. The cover looks fantastic. The printed fabric = Rayon/cotton & the solid fabric (side & inside) = Cotton twill. It has an elastic band on the bottom so when you move the box cover, the box doesn't fall out!

A little more info on Yokomono:
Yokomono studio makes 'mono' to make your life happier --various well constructed bags, totes, and home accessories. A bit modern, a bit retro, a bit japanese. Of course, every 'mono' & 'komono' (small stuff) is designed & handcrafted by Yoko herself. Yoko was born in Japan and lives with her husband, daughter and dog in the San Francisco Bay area.

Some more examples of what Yoko makes:

I just love the designs, patters and colors!

Head on over to Yokomono and have a look at all Yoko has to offer!
Thanks Yoko for the chance to review box cover, we love it!!!

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