Why do kids scratch???

I went to a Play Boutique yesterday with Abby (the place has been in my town for 3 years, never knew about it till this week). One of my friends invited me to come along. It was fantastic, Abby immediately ran off and went and played on slides, cars, played with balls,...up until I heard a scream and Abby was crying.
I wasn't sure what had happened, I thought she had banged her head until she looked up and was bleeding under her nose and on her cheek. The girl that was with her had scratched Abby in the face! Not a little scratch, 2 big ones.
I just grabbed Abby, and calmed her down. The manager of the place gave me some ointment to put on there and then Abby continued playing.
The little girls mom came over to apologize and then told me the little girl had done this before at another place. The reason the little girl scratched? I think Abby didn't go quick enough down the climbing frame.
The little girl was in a time-out for a long time and then came over to apologize to me.
Well, Abby had a great time and we're definitely going again next week! A little scratch is not going to stop us.
Anybody had this happen to their kids?

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Unknown said...

Not yet, but I can imagine it will as Brea gets bigger. I am glad that it did not ruin your fun and that the other child was placed in time out for the action. Maybe she will reconsider next time!