Too funny!

I had to write about this, this just happened to me this morning and I couldn't stop laughing!
So Abby has this habit of picking out the marshmallows of her Lucky Charms and then leaves the rest, either on the couch or on the floor. So this morning I was going to vacuum all the leftovers and got my vacuum out. Now when the machine says the vacuum bag is full, you should listen, it really is full!!! 
But no, no, I'm trying to fit in as much as I can, so I continue to vacuum. We have a Miele with a brush at the end that "combs" the carpet so it stays all nice and fluffy.
I'm just vacuuming away and suddenly the rolling brush makes this weird noise. So I picked it up and turned it around while it's still going and what happens???????
The bag was full, so this brush was combing all the charms in the vacuum bit without sucking them up, so when I picked it up, the brush (as it's turning) is spitting out all these charms and they were now literally everywhere!!
I couldn't do anything else but laugh really hard while Abby is shouting "oh-oh"!!!
So moral of the story, listen to your vacuum, they really know best!

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