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If you know my son, he is just so funny and comes up with all these funny sayings and I need to share one. Yesterday after school Jamie had to do his homework and I could tell already it wasn't going to go smooth. See, he didn't want to homework on Tuesday and said he would do a couple more pages yesterday, so this is what happens...
He's complaining that it's just not fair that little kids have to do homework. So I said, well Jamie when I was your age, I also needed to do homework and sometimes it wasn't fun to do but this is how we learn things for the future or something along those lines. So he says this, "oh mom, you just don't feel my pain", "you're old, you can't remember what it was like to make your homework", so I had to run out the room before I burst out laughing and had to write this phrase down as I'm getting older and otherwise forget the things he says!

Second thing, remember I had this allergic reaction last weekend and my eyes were swollen and my face was all itchy and burning? Well, I tried the cream the doctor gave me for 2 days, to no avail. So I started on my steroids (methylprednisolone) yesterday. I had to take 4 yesterday, 3 today, 2 tomorrow and 1 Saturday. Holy Moly, those things are strong!
I had the jitters and had high blood pressure yesterday (I have never had high or low blood pressure in my life), I looked like a ghost, so pale. This morning, I took my 3 tablets and I do have the jitters, am pale, not sure about my blood pressure but my skin is not itchy or flaky or swollen anymore.

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I have a couple of reviews to write but they need to wait till I'm off these tablets as I can't really concentrate. Reviews to come in the future, in no particular order:

* Sylvania
* ColorMe company
* Safetytats
* See Kai Run
* Boon
* Loom
and more....

Talk to you soon!


JenReg said...

That is so cute what your son said! You should include that in my meme tomorrow "Make Me Laugh Monday"!! I love hearing funny kids sayings...from the mouths of babes. So did he finally finish his homework?

I'm sorry to hear about the steroid issue...I've never had to take them but my MIL did and they do some "wonderful" things. I hope you feel better soon!

Thanks for stopping by my blog

CanCan said...

Haha...I should start writing down the things my kids say too!

I love that you weren't feeling his pain!