Boon review: Frog Pod and Flo

As you can read in the earlier review we love Boon in our house. 
If there's something Abby really likes to do (besides dancing), it is going in the bath!!! As soon as that water starts running she's there! She loves the bubbles, the toys and when you ask her to swim, she'll go on her belly (the water's not that high) and will swim to the other end of the bath (wow, that makes it sound we have a super long bath tub, it really isn't that big ;)
The problem for me was that after the tub was empty there were all these toys to pick up. I'm not trying to sound lazy, there are just lots of them! I used to have a basket next to the bath where I would put them in, but it took up so much space and the water would leak through the basket on the bathroom floor.
I've been looking for a solution for the bath toys and had put the Frog pod on my Christmas list!  The frog pod is just the greatest solution for all your bath toys. It actually is bigger than what it looks on the site, you can store lots of toys in there! The frog Pod incorporates a wall-mountable shelf for Abby's shampoo and body wash with a removable scoop that you can skim through the water to pick up all the toys in one swoop. Dotted with holes, the scoop lets the water drain out, leaving the toys dry - and mold-free.
It's really super easy to put up, although our adhesive strips didn't hold the frog, it came down after the required time to let it dry. So I ordered the suction cups (I couldn't wait to start using the Frog Pod as soon as possible) and as soon as they arrived, we hung the frog again, and it's been up since.
Now I need to tell you about the excellent customer service Boon has. I had told them about the frog coming down so they send me replacement silicone adhesive strips and screws, which I'm keeping handy. They are so friendly and helpful at Boon!

In addition to the Frog Pod, we also have the Flo in the tub. We've had this for more than a year now and we love it. The Flo diverts the flow of water, creating a gentle waterfall, while it covers the faucet against injury. It also functions as a bubble bath dispenser. Abby loves to press the button for the soap to come out and make bubbles in the waterfall! I think the Flo makes it a lot easier to rinse Abby's hair!

Well, it's not too late to read my other review and enter the Boon saucer giveaway!
Good luck!

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nanja said...

What smart bathtub items !