Thanksgiving dessert disaster

Remember that 2 weeks ago Friday I tried a recipe for Banana cheesecake so I was sure it was going to work for Thanksgiving? Well, the banana cheesecake was absolutely fantastic but since that Friday I had been eating it for breakfast and lunch so by the time Thanksgiving came along, I had enough of banana cheesecake and decided to do a New York Style cheesecake from scratch instead. 
What a mistake to make!

Everything went fine, easy to mix, easy to bake.... I had a little disaster with Abby and her Mac'N'cheese (see earlier post) but overall no issues.

Then it was time for cooling the cheesecake, which I did longer than required, then I took the ring off the cheesecake and...........

this is the result:

It didn't only collapse, it also dripped off my counter!!!

So, I did the only thing I could think off, the night before Thanksgiving... I went to the store and bought a mixed berry pie!
I'm not giving up on the New York Style cheesecake though. I will try again at a later date. I'm really not sure why the cake didn't properly set!
Maybe I should stick to the banana cheesecake instead!


Dee said...

i'm sorry that I giggled a little at your expense! good luck next time!!!

Ann said...

No problem, at least now I can laugh about it too!

Kailani said...

Oh no! I think I would have just scooped the whole thing up and eat it with a spoon. hee hee

An Island Life

Stephanie said...

Oh, my! What a mess! Let us know if/when you discover the perfect recipe. :)