Electrician required

Finally yesterday was the day that my husband and myself went to the movies with just the 2 of us! I think it's been 2 years that we've gone to a movie together. It's not that we couldn't find a babysitter cause I'm sure we could have, but I always feel guilty when I have to ask somebody to watch my kids (I'm sure I'm not the only one).
Anyway, I had been looking forward to this for a week now and yesterday it nearly didn't happen.

Lisa and Jamie got home from school, Abby was home and I was also watching Emma, a 3 month old, so the house was busy. I'm ironing my shirt for the night, unplug my iron and....
the electricity went out, this was at 5:00, so it's getting dark outside. Normally you can just flip the switch and problem solved but of course this wasn't the case when I'm home!
Tried ringing Ian, he was stuck in a meeting, didn't ring back. I flipped all the switches, flipped the main switch but the main switch didn't stay on.
Finally Ian rings back after 5 minutes (felt like an hour) and he told me to flip all the separate switches off, flip on the main switch and then flip on all the separate switches back on and yes, hubby was right, it worked!!!
But no, no this is not the end of the story. Our TV and Christmas tree plugs don't work anymore. So Ian gets home from work, in the meantime the babysitter arrived, and he plugs in the iron, and guess what the TV and Christmas tree switched on again. He unplugs and they go off again?!? What is this, Christmas magic? Houdini?
I rang Dave our electrician and he's going to try and squeeze us in today, I'm keeping an eye on the sockets, not sure if we have a fire hazard...
Well, at least we went to dinner, watched the new James Bond and had a great time!
The babysitter played family games with our kids and had a great time.
I just wish I knew more about electrical outlets!

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