remember I was busy yesterday?

I did do some washing and ironing (not enough though) and I made a banana cheesecake and chocolate chip/oatmeal/nut cookies.
I had to test the banana cheesecake as I'm making this for Thanksgiving and I had never made it before, nothing worse than showing up at your friends house with a dessert that's really not good. Well, I tasted it yesterday and it's very yummie, my husband doesn't really like cheesecakes and he told me he also likes the ones you don't have to bake in the oven more, so I'm going to look around on the net today and see if I can find a recipe that doesn't require the baking. If you have a recipe for a delicious cheesecake that doesn't need baking can you let me know? 
Now for the cookies, they are absolutely fantastic!!! I got the recipe from another blog I'm subscribed to: Tanya Peila 
The story is not real, which I just discovered this morning as I had to look up the word spoof (remember English is not my first language). But the cookies ARE delicious!
All in all the day was great, although in the morning I wasn't feeling like doing anything yet, I blame it on not having breakfast, not very clever!

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Andrea said...

Whew...yep, sounds like you were busy to me! :)