Mr. Bunny and Mr. Bunny 2: a miracle

Remember my quest for a second Mr. Bunny for my little girl? The Mr. Bunny she sleeps with, she rubs the labels on the back and Mr. Bunny practically goes anywhere with her, he's been in England and Belgium too?

Well, unbelievable but true, we found one!!!
I contacted Pottery Barn Kids via email, I rang result.
I contacted Rosemary at Plush Memories Lost Toy Search Service (they post the toys, and then people can react if they have one nust like it). You should really check it out. Maybe you have one of these toys in oyur house that people are in desperate need for! result (actually there's somebody also looking for the same bunny)

BUT, when I did my first Giveaway with Katie's Creations, Katie told me she had a bunny like this!!!!
Isn't this unbelievable??? If I hadn't thought about doing giveaways and had found Katie, I'm sure I wouldn't have found a bunny (well, there is one on sale on ebay for $99!!! sorry, not my budget)

Katie, I'm forever grateful!!!
Well, so is Abby, she doesn't know it yet!


Rosemary said...

Glad you found your bunny!!! And thanks for the mention of our free Lost Toys Search Service.

gina said...

That is great!!!! I am so happy you found another Mr. Bunny! They look cozy sitting together. I bet your daughter is going to be so happy, and you can relax a bit knowing you have a back-up.
I am going to keep looking for another one, the one that was made is looking ratty already. He was made out of Joann fleese which gets funky after a while. I am trying to keep that one in the car and the real on in the house.
Happy Holidays,

Little Bugs Boutique said...

We have this bunny too! It's been in my youngest daughter's crib since birth (almost two years now). Congrats on finding a backup. My middle daughter has a favorite lovey too. We gave her 7 of them in a box one christmas. The look on her face was priceless!

My2Gs said...

Oh my gosh that is awesome. My little girl has a little white dog from Pottery Barn that is her Best Friend! I have tried to find a back up of him, but no luck. I'll keep searching :)