babies galore

At the end of last school year my son Jamie got 4 walking sticks a.k.a stick insects from his friend in kindergarten who was moving back to Germany and needed homes for his little creatures. We took 4. 
1 died the same week, the others laid loads of eggs and the last "old" insect died last week but we have all the eggs and they are hatching nearly "every" day. It's pretty cool to see and the little babies are really cute (as far as stick insects can be called cute!). 
I'm not sure how many people have seen stick insects to begin with, so I'm going to show you some pictures:
these are the eggs: yep, there's a lot more coming!

little one being born:

this one is a couple of days old:

this one is a couple of weeks old, still small:


Andrea said...

Those are such cool looking insects!!

Doreen said...

Very cool!!!!